Sleeper Appeal:

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Buffet Menu (pdf 129Kb)

Hastings Trams Leaflet (pdf 1.43Mb)

Plan of trackbed from First bridge to Northbridge Street (jpg 310Kb)


Higher Res Images For Wallpaper

Northbridge Street looking along embankment (May 04) 1024x768 (jpg 260Kb)

Northbridge Street looking along embankment (May 04) 800x600(jpg 172Kb)

Oak Tree Sidings (May 04) 1024x768 (jpg 255Kb)

Oak Tree Sidings (May 04) 800x600 (jpg 176Kb )

**NEW** Audio Files

Titan approaching buffer stops (mp3 243Kb)


**NEW** Video Files (Broadband Recommended)


Meridian Broadcast re Betteshanger/SEEDA


Full Journey Down Track

Titan to Buffers (13.8Mb)

Titan Buffers to Yard (13.8Mb)


Titan idling in station yard (wmv 914Kb)

Titan at loading pad (wmv 1.82Mb)

Titan near buffers (wmv 1.55Mb)

Titan at Oak Tree (wmv 826Kb)

Titan entering yard (wmv 1.48Mb)

Jerry M at yard points (wmv 1.33Mb)

Jerry M at Buffers (wmv 1.33Mb)

Buffers to 1st bridge  (wmv 2.3Mb)

1st bridge to 2nd bridge (wmv 1.23Mb)

2nd bridge to 3rd bridge (wmv 1.18Mb)

3rd bridge to 4th bridge (wmv 1.27Mb)

4th bridge to 5th bridge (wmv 708Kb)

5th bridge to Northbridge St (wmv 1.08Mb)


K&ESR Diesel Gala July 2004

33065 approaching Bodiam (wmv 1.77Mb)

108 DMU at Tenterden (wmv 932Kb)

08108 at Tenterden (wmv 2.37Mb)

33052 at Tenterden (wmv 1.42Mb)

73136 at Tenterden (wmv 1.70Mb)

Ford Diesel (wmv Mb 1.57Mb)

Beerex special (wmv 3.11Mb)


Spa Valley Diesel Gala Aug 2004

 33063/5 & 73140 'sewage works' crossing (wmv 1.69Mb)

15224 Groombridge (wmv 914Kb)

33063 & 33065 Groombridge (wmv 1.69Mb)

33065 Leaves Tun Wells West (wmv 3.05Mb)

High Rocks (wmv 1.37Mb)

Groombridge Triple Sandwich (wmv 3.31Mb)

Groombridge Triple Header (wmv 1.75Mb)

Glos Warks Railway Diesel Gala Autumn 2004

Class 20 at Winchcombe (wmv 2.3 Mb)

Class 20 and 14 at Toddington (wmv 1.36 Mb)

Class 37 at Toddington with mixed goods (wmv 2.05 Mb)

Class 14 and 20 approach Toddington (wmv 1.45 Mb)

Class 24 leaves Winchcombe (wmv 1.45 Mb)

Class 47's Giving It Large Through Tunnel (wmv 1.39 Mb)

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