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These Pictures Are From 2001 - much progress has been made from the station to Northbridge St since.

 Aerial Photographs Copyright Of Philip Lane Photography 49 Homestead Road, Chelsfield, Orpington, Kent 01689 858634.  Prints available from RVR Buffet Shop 3.50 Each.

Station Area.  Mainline on right.

Site to 1st bridge.

Site to Northbridge St.

RVR Trackbed In Trees - Salehurst in Distance, to the right of where treeline stops.

 Roberstbridge in far (right) distance.

Bodiam - Ultimate Destination, with its beautiful Castle owned by The National Trust.  Line of RVR/KESR in Centre of photo - Bodiam station slightly off centre.

Bodiam - Alternate Viewpoint.

Copyright 2004 Skullclamp Creations. All rights reserved.